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Our aim is to deliver beautifully designed products made locally and sustainably in Australia. We are a conscious brand and are dedicated to working environmentally with like minded companies.



Our greeting cards are eco-printed in Australia on a beautiful 350gsm silk stock, 100% post consumer recycled paper and come with a 100% recycled kraft envelope. 


Individual packaging sleeves are available upon request. Sleeves are made from polypropylene and can be reused, repurposed or recycled (REDCycle).



Edenwilde notebooks are beautifully eco-printed in Australia on 100% post consumer stock. The cover is thick 300gsm uncoated and inside 40 lined pages on 120gsm 100%  recycled post consumer paper. 


Our product wrap is also printed on 100% recycled paper..


Each print is professionally giclee printed in Australia on a lovely bright white 230gsm stock (100% virgin fiber sourced from sustainable forests with environmental management system certification, ultra smooth finish, acid free with archival inks ensure the print will last).


Our eco- consious packaging includes gallery quality backing board (700gsm) made from thick boxboard material (100% post consumer waste recycled fibre, FSC certified) and a 47 micron polypropylene sleeve with resealable flap on the bagside. The bag can be reused, repurposed or recycled (REDCycle).


Our stickers are made from certified sustainable pulp and can also be recycled.


Edenwilde Eco Statement

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